About Us

img-about-1Julie-Ann is a passionate cake artist. Specializing in customized and creative designs, she works from a home based bakeshop (hereafter called a cake studio). The studio is licensed by the City of Calgary, and has been inspected and approved by Alberta Health inspectors.
A native Calgarian and first generation Canadian (daughter of Dutch immigrants), Julie-Ann studied Baking & Pastry Arts and Professional Cooking at SAIT and graduated with honours in 1997. She went on to create hundreds of wedding cakes with Glamorgan Bakery. After finishing her apprenticeship, she became a journeyman and Red Seal Baker.
In 1999, Julie-Ann married Roberto, another Native Calgarian and first generation Canadian (this time the son on Italian immigrants!). They welcomed 2 sons into their family in 2002 and 2004. After staying home and taking care of the kidlets for 8 years, Julie-Ann re-joined the workforce in 2010 and tried to juggle the art of working, parenting and life. After taking some time off in 2013, she followed her dream and the studio was built.

As a family, they have become accustomed to living with allergies- both of their sons must be on a Gluten-free and Dairy-free diet. Julie-Ann now has a portfolio of enough allergy-friendly recipes to write a cookbook- but the cookbook idea has gone on the back burner in order to focus on the studio and the reality of being a busy Mom! Julie-Ann is able to accommodate most allergies and food intolerances- so that even the most sensitive consumer can enjoy cakes and cookies.

An active member of SAIT’s Advisory Committee, Julie-Ann has stayed in touch with SAIT and the Baking Industry as it evolves. Designing cakes for weddings, birthdays and other occasions is a challenge and delight. Julie-Ann looks forward to baking and decorating in her studio for years to come.